How often do you encounter school children and students telling you that they
do not like vegetables?

Chinese food is about the perfect harmony of vegetables, protein and carbohydrates.  Simple chicken stir-fried noodles is a delicious example of a balanced, satisfying dish where the vegetables and meat are in equal proportion. In fact, slices of meat are often there simply to enhance the taste of the vegetables.

The most popular way of preparing Chinese food is stir-frying in a wok quickly, at a high temperature and using only a small amount of oil. This means the ingredients soak up much less oil, while retaining most of their nutrients that longer cooking times would destroy.

Lee Kum Kee, along with the Ming Ai (London) Institute, is encouraging healthy, and tasty Chinese cooking at home and in schools.

In Lee Kum Kee, supporting the community and promoting Chinese food culture and culinary art is one of our missions. For the past two years, in collaboration with charity organisations Ming Ai (London) Institute, we have visited over 70 British schools, sharing the art of healthy Chinese cooking with over 1,000 students and teachers. These have been very well received. And for some children it was their first experience of preparing Chinese food – with many excited to show off their newly learnt skills at home.


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