∙ how it works ∙

Contact us to discuss your needs.

If required, our manager can visit your site and discuss
with you on your needs.

We will help you create the right menu and formulate the best
solution to suit your cooking process and facilities.

We will advise you on suitable Hot Wok Kitchen branding
and point-of-sale materials.

We can align for you the best supply route of sauces.

How to order


1. Prepare

2. cook

3. serve


Prepare meat, vegetables and noodles, ready for stir-fry cooking.

  1. Stir-fry the meat.
  2. Add vegetables, the sauce and noodles.

Transfer to Bain-Marie or serve immediately
in our Hot Wok
serving pots!

Government nutritional guidance compliant

Marinating the meat before
stir-frying with Oyster Sauce or Soy Sauces would make it tastier!

Fully traceable


3 Harbour Exchange Square, London E14 9GE, United Kingdom.

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